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Volunteer Clearances

If you would like to participate in an activity that requires clearances, you have to complete the West Shore School District’s Volunteer Application Process.  Currently, volunteers need to renew their clearances every 5 years.  

No clearances needed

You do not need security clearances to volunteer at activities held outside the school day and under parent supervision.  Here are some examples:

  • Fall Picnic Volunteer

  • Movie Night Concession Stand Volunteer

  • School Dance Chaperone 

  • Book Fair Cashier - after school hours

  • Science Night Volunteer

You do not need security clearances to visit the school to eat lunch with your child, watch a school assembly or concert, or observe in a classroom. 

Clearances needed
You do need security clearances to volunteer at activities held during the school day where you supervise, guide or care for children.  Here are some examples:
  • Field Trip Chaperone
  • Classroom Party Volunteer
  • Field Day Volunteer
  • Science Lab Volunteer
  • Book Fair Cashier - during school hours

What 4 items are required to get clearances: 

  1. Volunteer Vital Statistic Information form

  2. Act 34 Criminal History Records Check 

  3. Act 151 Child Abuse History Clearance  

  4. Evidence of a Tuberculosis (TB) test that is less than ninety (90) days old - this is not required if you volunteered at least once per year since your TB test was submitted!

Please see the West Shore School District website for more information:

To avoid missing out on volunteering opportunities this Fall, get your clearances as soon as possible! Most of the information can be completed easily online and TB tests can be obtained through the school for a small fee.

Thank you!