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Meeting Minutes

Hillside PTO Meeting Minutes

October Meeting

Hillside Library @6:30pm


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  1. Attendees: Sade S, Maura K, Jen H, Mrs. Robinson, Lori S.

  2. Introductions: Patti Palisin - President, Brian Kane - VP, Emily Gardner - Treasurer, Athena Eppley - Secretary

  3. Updates:

    1. $25 Target Gift cards were distributed to each teacher last month to assist with back to school supplies. 

    2. Back to School Picnic was a success

    3. Student Directory was sent to the printer and will be distributed

    4. Skating Party is Thursday 10/10, admission is paid for by the PTO. Skate rental, if needed, is $3

    5. Halloween Party is 10/18 at 6-7pm. There will be Bingo, Crafts, and music. Concession stand will be open. Volunteers will be needed. 

    6. Fall fundraisers are in full swing. Money and orders are due 10/10 to the school. Sub pick up will be Oct 30th, 3:45 - 6pm. Candy will be delivered the week of Nov. 18th, with final date verification TBA.

    7. Ag Lab is the week of Nov 11th - 18th. Volunteer sign up will go out closer to that date and will coordinate with Mrs. Shires.

    8. Conference day food sign ups will be sent out for Nov 25th, watch for that.

    9. Spirit Wear Sale will be in November, with delivery set for December prior to holiday break.

    10. December is the next book fair. Micah will be moving on to the Middle School next year so we are still looking for a volunteer to take over coordinating and arranging volunteers. 

    11. Meal/Shopping Nights will start to be scheduled. They are an event that families can attend voluntarily, where proceeds from the event are donated back to the school. Some ideas include: McDonalds, Hoss’s, Five Below, Barnes & Nobles, Chipotle, Sweet Frog, Etc

    12. Movie Night will be held January 10th, when families are less committed to other activities. It will be a PG movie. Student voting will be coordinated for movie selection closer to that date. Concession stand will be open. 

    13. PTO closet is set up and we are moved in.

    14. Book Fair Budget will have enough money after the December to pay for the school wide book club

  4. Shade Project Update

    1. Two quotes provided by local companies: G.T. Watts Inc and F&M Designs. 

    2. G.T. Watts provided quotes for two sizes

      1. 18x20 $8,400 without stamped engineering drawings or permitting costs

      2. 18x40 $15,600 without stamped engineering drawings or permitting costs

    3. F&M Designs quotes for two sizes

      1. 18x24 $11,651

      2. 18x16 $8,179.50

    4. Meeting with the school officials on Wednesday to find out district willingness and support for the project.

    5. Funds raised during the Spring fundraiser totaled $7,368.05 to go to the Shade project. 

  5. Treasurer’s Report

    1. 1st motion to approve: Sade S

    2. 2nd motion to approve: Maura K

  6. Last Month’s Minutes

    1. 1st motion to approve: Sade S

    2. 2nd motion to approve: Lori S

  7. Principal’s Report - Hillside keeps growing. We have had some staffing issues where staff was spread thin and we felt that students may not have been receiving as much attention as needed before.

    1. Additional Full time secretary position was added to support  the students

    2. KAP evaluations showed a greater need for student support, so rather than 24 students, now have KAP for 36 students - 3 sections of KAP

    3. Additional reading specialist being added to the school

    4. Increased to 2 primary reading aids for the building

    5. Added a ½ time ELL support person

    6. District has been incredibly supportive of adding needed help an

    7. Looking to add a Laurel Life counselor to the building 5 days per week versus 3 days per week. Provide in school counseling for students and support of IEP students, etc

    8. Filled another Paraprofessional learning support position

  8. Teacher Liaison Report 

    1. Thank you for the gift cards

    2. Third grade thank you for paying for the transportation for them to attend the wellness fair at the Barnes Health Center

  9. End of Meeting

    1. 1st motion - Lori S

    2. 2nd motion - Maura K