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Meeting Minutes

Hillside PTO Meeting Minutes

August/September Meeting

Hillside Library @6:30pm


Visit Hillsideptonc.com 

Email hillsidepto11@gmail.com

Facebook Group: Families of Hillside 

  1. Attendees: Jen H, Mandy B, Jess F, Ndip R, Alyssa S, Will S, Yolanda C, Jennifer B

  2. Introductions

    1. Patty Palisin - President - Has students in 4th & 5th grade

    2. Brian Kane - Vice President - Has a student in 3rd grade

    3. Emily Gardner - Treasurer - Has students in 1st & 4th grade

    4. Athena Eppley - Secretary - Has students in K & 3rd grade

3. Secretary’s Report - meeting minutes will be posted online 

4. Treasurer’s Report - budget is available for upcoming meetings

5. Shade update - Julie will follow up with buildings and grounds people to find out what next steps are required. 

6. Back to School Nights will be 8/22 and 8/29 - PTO will have a table in the Lobby. Will sell left over spirit wear. Especially Kindergarten color available. 

7. Spiritwear will probably be closer to November this year, rather than the spring

8.  Back to school picnic will be Friday, September 13th, 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Hillside Elementary. Volunteers will be needed. Flyers will be sent home in the Hillside folders

9. Fall fundraisers will be subs and brittle bark candy. Fundraiser will funf 9/23 - 10/11 sales. Sub pick up will be 10/30 and Candy pick up will be in November.

10. Will provide teacher gift cards of $25 for the 40 Hillside teachers

11. Teacher grants will be available to apply for in the fall and the spring. $5000 total available at this time for teachers to submit this year. 

12. PTO closet will be checked out and set up shortly with rolling storage.

13. Roller Skating Parties - 3 scheduled for this year: 10/10, 1/16, and 3/12. PTO pays to rent the rink and students can attend. Skates are available for renting and the concession stand is open.

14. Request about Pool Nights. Looking into more info with Dave L.

15. Movie Nights - 2 scheduled for this year with dates TBD. Movie will likely be PG.

16. Halloween Party - Oct 18th will need volunteers

17. Classroom Parties - Friday November 1st and Friday December 20th and Friday February 14th room parents will communicate with teachers 

18. Mobile AG Lab - Julie will check with the teachers to verify the best dates

19. Book Fairs will be held this year and run by Micah, shooting for 3 fairs this year to provide students with BOGO book fair at the end of the year. First book fair is 9/16 - 9/20

20. Emily will be heading up the yearbook this year. When sharing use #HS1920

21. Principal’s report - Back to school nights will be held. K-2 is before school starts and 3-5 is after school starts because of the size of the school, the number of students, etc. If students are worried about moving up, they can contact the office. These are designed more for parents to meet the teacher. Students will be provided with everything that they need for school. Parents do not have to buy any specific supplies for students.