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Meeting Minutes

May Meeting Minutes

5/6/19 @ 6:30pm

Hillside Library

  1. Attendees: Emily Gardner, Steven Eppley, Sade

  2. Approval of last meetings minutes

    1. 1st: Emily

    2. 2nd: Sade

  3. Treasurer’s Report - absent

    1. 1st 

    2. 2nd

  4. Parent/Teacher Feedback

    1. Talent Show - Mental notes and ideas on how to better manage or improve communication between kid and parent pick up and drop off. Sign in kids, set up a meeting involving administration and volunteers to help keep track of students effectively. Parents/students will have to sign a contract to participate. 

    2. Movie night - concession stand went well. Raised about $400 for fundraiser.

  5. Board Nominations for the next school year are unanimously approved 2019-2020 

    1. President - Patti Palisin

    2. Vice President - Brian Kane

    3. Treasurer - Emily Gardner

    4. Secretary - Athena Eppley

  6. Teacher Appreciation on Friday. Will be ordering and delivery on Friday for appreciation.

  7. Locker/Shelving unit to be purchased and stored in the storage room outside of kindergarten room. Athena will buy a shelf for Brian to assemble. 

  8. Date for next school year proposed

    1. PTO meetings will be Mondays at 6:30PM

    2. August 19th First PTO Meeting

    3. September 13th Fall Picnic at Hillside

    4. Halloween Party October 18th

    5. PTO Meeting in December

  9. Bank Account Switch for next year: Athena, Patti, Brian, Micah, Emily. Audit to be conducted of accounts to transfer over

  10. Playground shade project well underway

  11. Potential fundraiser at a restaurant. If it happens, it happens

  12. Sub pick up will be May 8th 3:45 - 6pm

  13. Thursday May 9th is the final day for Spirit wear orders to be turned in

  14. Yearbook is wrapping up

  15. No longer accepting applications for classroom enrichment grants. Checks will be issued as receipts are presented for projects

  16. Junior achievement wrapping up

  17. Book Fair is wrapping up. Will continue to provide books for one book school project

  18. Book it Party - no other things offered

  19. No babysitters at meetings next year

  20. End of year volunteer get together for appreciation. Look at reserving the back room of Nick’s

  21. May 17th Field Day - Support with volunteers and $300 funding

  22. Teacher Liaison - Thank you for teacher enrichment grants

  23. Principal's Report - PSSA are complete. Baseball theme this year. It went really well. Vehicular Career day will be held on Friday, May 10th. All sorts of careers involved with different vehicles for the students to check out. Open House Thursday May 9th 5-7pm. 

  24. Participation from volunteers was great this year and the vents have all gone well. The board has done a good job with listening to ides and ensuring the students reap the benefits.

  25. Motion to adjourn

    1. 1st - Sade

    2. 2nd - Emily