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Committees & Chairs

Book Fair – Michelle Fitzgerald

Book It – Melissa Kohr

Campbell Soup Labels – Alicia James

Costume Ball  Erin Gannon

Directory – Erin Gannon

Facebook  Christine Paxton and Melissa Kohr

Fall Picnic  Melissa Kohr and Chris Paxton

Field Day – Mrs. Kauffman

Giant A+ Rewards – Christine Paxton

Movie Night  Erin Gannon

PTO Website – Erin Gannon

Skating Party  Erin Gannon

Talent Show  Lauren Noss

Yearbook  Jenn Goetz


If you are interest in volunteering for any of the above events, please contact the PTO.

Thank you to all the chairs and volunteers for your time and hard work!


We would like to do more activities – but we need volunteers to chair them!

Please check out our Volunteer Opportunities page!