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Be Healthy Challenge

What is the Be Healthy Challenge?  For 3 weeks in April, Hillside students will be challenged to practice 3 healthy habits:  healthy sleeping, smart eating and physical fitness. Then, during Field Day on May 13th, students will complete the Be Healthy Challenge by walking a victory lap around the school. Parents, family and friends will support students' efforts to meet these challenges by making a flat donation.  

Why should I donate?  All donations from this fundraiser will pay for student activities that are not funded by the School District -- field trips, Science Nightbook fairs, assemblies, school picnic and skating parties, and additional educational and recess equipment, just to name a few. 

What can my student win?  Students will be motivated to participate in the healthy challenges by weekly prizes and a Grand Prize swim party for the classroom with the highest average points

The classroom with the highest average donations will get to put the Principal in “jail” on the roof of the school and the teacher will receive $50 to spend on the classroom

The student with the highest donations wins Principal for the Day!

How can I donate online? It's easy.  Click on the Donate button and follow the instructions.  Note:  you do not need a PayPal account to donate online.    

Important notes for online donations!
  1. During the payment process, you will have an opportunity to enter a student's name so that he/she receives credit for your donation. (If you'd like to see how to do this, please look at the screenshots at the bottom of this page.) You may enter more than one student's name - your donation will be split evenly.  
  2. If you are a Parent donating online so that your child(ren) can Opt Out of providing mailing labels, then please print a copy of your PayPal confirmation. You will need to send it to school, attached to the Opt Out form.   
Can I send a check or cash donation? Yes! Print the attached form and use it as an envelope to mail your check or cash donation. Checks should be made to "Hillside PTO" and please write "Be Healthy Challenge" on the memo line. 

Questions or concerns? Please email the Hillside PTO at hillsidePTO11@gmail.com